Finding a good stroller that you enjoy is not always easy. With Dutch Bugaboo, the choice is easy because this brand means mobility or mobility. No matter where you live or where you will be driving one of Bugaboo's distinctive pushchairs, you will always be able to get around with ease.

Bugaboo's smart design means that the strollers can be driven on both sand, snow and asphalt without any problems. What makes Bugaboo strollers unique and award-winning is their innovative design, which has been designed with doctors who understand the physiological needs of children.

Apart from their popular strollers, Bugaboo also has a range of baby covers that follow the same design as their strollers, this series is called Bugaboo Turtle Air. We at Petit Stories Stockholm sell the entire Bugaboo range and here you will also find the Bugaboo travel bag, standing board and many other accessories for prams.