Petit Club

Welcome to Petit Club - our community for you who love quality products for your little ones. We are incredibly happy to welcome you as a member!

Here at Petit Club, you earn points in many different ways: by making purchases, referring friends, subscribing to newsletters, leaving reviews or following us on social media.

Or if you already have an account

Tipsa en vän

Få belöningar för varje vän du bjuder in som blir medlem och gör en beställning. Dina förmåner: 500 Petit Poäng, deras förmåner: 12 % rabatt.


If you have already registered an account before, you are automatically a member. Otherwise, click here to register. If you are in store, you are welcome to go to the till - there the staff will help you register.

Ja, du behöver vara inloggad på ditt konto till att få poäng på dina köp. Samtidigt behöver du vara inloggad till att se dina poäng och använda dom på ett köp.

You collect points through all your online and in-store purchases (1 SEK = 1 point), as well as by leaving reviews, subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Instagram or recommending us to a friend.

Under "Use my points" you will find the option "Buy for points". There you can create value checks that you can use for your purchases. You can pay in even amounts of 1250 points, i.e. 25, 50, 75 kroner and so on. There is no maximum limit on how big the value check can be.

You can only use a value check on one and the same purchase.

No, you cannot use points and discount codes together when placing an order.

Yes, you can both collect and use your points in store. Enter your email address at checkout and the store staff will register your points or activate your value check.

As Petit Club is a new membership club, all customers start with 0 points. But you get 1000 points when you sign up.

Om du har använt poång vid köp av en produkt som du väljer att returnera kommer du ej få poången tillbaka.

Nej vid retur förlorar du motsvarande poäng som du fick vid köpet av produkten.

You copy the personal link found on your Petit Club and send it to a friend. Your friend clicks on the link, creates a Petit account and then receives an email with a discount code for 12% of their purchase. You will then receive your reward, 500 points, when your friend has placed their first order.

If you wish to terminate your membership, please contact us. Note that you will lose all the points you have accumulated so far.