DÉT Denmark

Successfully crawling is a big deal for a little baby.

If the child becomes frustrated at not being able to crawl when they are ready, the child may have difficulty coping with other challenges. It is therefore important to give the child the right support to achieve success in the crawling phase. Crawling pants strengthen both motor skills and balance, and are a really good help for the small child in the crawling age.

The idea behind DÉT DANMARK arose in 2015, when the founder needed crawling pants for their eldest daughter. They had slippery floors throughout the house, so it was a big challenge for their baby to learn to crawl. With a background as a clothing designer, and with a desire to design Kravletøj that could make the crawling phase easier for babies, the brand DÉT DENMARK was created.

They have made an effort to find the best organic materials for your little one and at the same time they have created a fantastic fit, with room for a lot of play and movement.